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Leo was a very skilled fly fisherman


Recalling the first time our trails crossed, Leo was perched on a stool with a guitar on his lap and harmonica on a holder around his neck, tapping his foot, playing and singing western music, and letting the rest of the world know that an artist was at work.

He was the most talented person among my friends, an excellent musician, who played a number of instruments extremely well. He had a beautiful singing voice, and as musicians would say, "an accurate ear for pitch". One time through with a tune and it was committed to memory.

It was a marvel,the way he could repair appliances! Anything that would come within reach of his talented hands was repairable. He assembled his own radios, color television set, and electronic organ. He was a master craftsman at whatever he tried to do or turned his hand to!

He loved nature, and in the earlier years of friendship, many a happy hour was enjoyed fishing and hunting out of doors. He loved to cook and many a repast was made remarkable because he prepared it. His bread and cinnamon rolls were out of this world.

His interests were many and varied. Being well read, the many conversations on world affairs, science fiction, science, history, and mechanical techniques were made interesting because he knew what he was talking about, and in many cases was an authority.

He loved to build and remodel. Wherever he lived, it never looked the same when he left, for he left some product of his skill there. He was always improving and planning. Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, cabinet made no difference for he mastered them all.

What was really impressive were the rocking horses, wood boxes, what-not shelves, bird feeders, bird houses, doll house furniture, and toys that came in endless procession from his fertile mind and busy workshop.

His interest in growing things was phenomenal! Be it baby chicks, rabbits, onions or fruit trees...his green thumb was the greenest of them all. How he loved to experience all the growing things of nature, and like the craftsman that he was, everything planted and cared for was neat and tidy. If you asked for "one", his motto was "you get two or more." Leo's interest in nature brings to mind the experience of growing grapes and making wine, and my first sip of elderberry wine, dated and bottled with a special label "for a friend by a friend."

As the years passed and grandchildren came, what a proud grandad! Each one was something special. How he loved to make little odds and ends to bring them happiness. He was proud of his family and the name he was establishing in the world.

Especially remembered was his involvement with me in the many church activities, cooking hamburgers, installing lights, repairing paneling, making signs, painting, helping and doing the many things around the church. Anywhere he could contribute, he was willing to make the effort! His interest in the plans for the future, the steeple reconstruction, the mens' fishing trip...and what he could offer to the total effort, how he could become a part of it..and he did do that...for he is a part of all of us and will always remain so, an artist letting the world know that he was here, he was on stage, he played and worked..and loved it.


Lots of Clear Water and Great Fishing

Wallowa Lake, Oregon - Leo and his family, the Krauses, and Williams enjoyed some great times in one of the most beautiful camping areas of the state. In the late 50s, this writer recalls being able to "see the bottom" near a favorite boat launching area. The bottom was 15 to 20 feet.

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