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Ira Allen Swetland

Ira A. Swetland joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1829.  In 1831 he was appointed one of the pastors of Barton Circuit, Vermont.  In 1833, he was ordained Deacon and appointed to Cabot, Vermont.  While there he married Statira P. Hurd in February 1834.  In 1835, he was ordained Elder and placed in charge of the Danville and Peacham Circuit earning $75.00 per year.  He stayed there 5 years.  As his health failed in 1851, he had charge of the church in East Salisbury, Massachusetts.  He came west in 1854 settling in Mauston, Wisconsin and filled vacancies for a number of years prior to his death in 1881.
- - Annual Methodist Episcopal Church Conference 1881, supplied courtesy of Mike Chapman, Swetland family historian.

Ira A. Swetland


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