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Winifred Montana Train Depot

Winifred Montana Train Depot

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Winifred, Montana Depot...and other places

Mike's three-sided playpen as it was in 1948

The three-sided playpen as it was in 1948.  It kept me in one place and gave my mother a chance to watch my youngest sister, Cindy, who was a baby at that time.


When was the last time you saw a car like this driving down the road?


Milk cans were interesting toys and cheap, too!

Little Michael 1947 - Milwaukee Depot, Winifred, MT


1951 Wallula, Washington
Back row:  Levi Anderson, Dean Koffler, Veronica (Rose) Koffler
Front row:  Lona, Cindy, Mona, Lyle, Mike, Leo, and George

Pictured here with his wife, Helen (Lane) Koffler, formerly of Belgrade, Montana. Leo spent a good part of his day collecting freight charges in the local area.

Leo and Helen (Lane) Koffler, 1948, Winifred Train Depot

Mike Koffler, Winifred Depot 1948

It was here at this depot where my dad walked me out to the side of the tracks where the powerful trains were. One day he placed a fairly good sized stick of wood under the wheel of a slow-moving caboose. With the Montana Elevator Company building framing the background,I watched the wood "snap" like a toothpick and had no desire to go near those trains again.

Mike Koffler with his aunt, 1948

Hazel Lane standing. Mike Koffler, Mary Jean and Bill or Phil

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